According to online sources, over 40 million people have tried online dating. With a sample size that large, there are bound to be a few oddballs. Our contributor Elina has found most of them. Here is her story.

Dating can be a horrific experience but Internet dating is in a realm all its own.

The things men say over email are astounding and I’m not talking about words of admiration, flirtation and praise – I’m talking about the crazy stuff your momma never warned you about during the “birds and the bees” lecture.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the worst things some men have said to me. Men have actually said worse, these were the only ones I could remember due to the fact I’ve tried to block most of it out of my head. Also, I don’t save emails.

Enjoy my horrible “man quotes”, written over pictures of true gentlemen. Well, they might be jerks too, they just didn’t have access to email.