Here’s our list of the 10 best video game voice actors that have ever tickled your ear canals.

People tend to overlook the importance of great voice acting in a game. It fades into the background with the rest of the minute details that makes a game enjoyable. But, when voice acting goes wrong, it is painfully obvious. It takes a true artist to sell the voice of a video game, and these people deserve to be on our list of the 10 best video game voice actors. Without them, some of our favorite games, may not have been our favorite games.

Below you’ll find the 10 best video game voice actors:

10. Steve Blum (Ares, God of War)

Mr. Blum has a resume too long to list, but you’d probably know him best as the other shouty god of war besides Kratos. His powerful and menacing voice made you really hate the original god of war and want to slice him up with Kratos’s blades.

9. John DiMaggio (Marcus Fenix, Gears of War)

Many have heard John DiMaggio's voice -- whether you're watching TV or playing Gears of War. In addition to voicing Bender on 'Futurama', he also is the voice of the barrel chested, alien cleaving Marcus Fenix. He manages to sound like he’s gargling gravel without emptying the contents of your rock polishing machine into his mouth. He brings the pain and fury of Fenix to life with only his voice. Without him, Fenix could never sound the same.

8. Armin Simmerman (Andrew Ryan, Bioshock)

Ken Levine must have played the old speeches of Adolf Hitler for Armin Simmerman before he recorded the voice of Andrew Ryan, the mad billionaire founder of Rapture. With verve, gravitas, and frightening persuasion, his voice elevates Andrew Ryan from just another menacing character into the stuff of legend.

7. Jennifer Hale (Female Shepherd, Mass Effect 2&3)

Jennifer’s voice is so low, commanding, and sultry, you couldn’t help but obey every order given out by Captain Shepherd. Her voice made the volumes of dialogue in Mass Effect 2 and 3 slip by easily. Each syllable was music to our ears.

6. J.K. Simmons (Cave Johnson, Portal 2)

He’s Cave Johnson. We’re done here.

5. Rob Wietoff (John Marston, Red Dead Redemption)

The voice of an old west outlaw has been beaten deader than the horse representing old west cliches. But Rob Wietoff somehow managed to make the voice of John Marson sound fresh and new in the wasteland of western accents. He brought a subtle politeness to the harsh living outlaw looking to reclaim his life. His voice made you believe that he was tired of all the running and gunning and looking forward to settling down in his own slice of paradise.

4. Terrence Carson (Kratos in God of War)

No one else could have brought the bellowing hatefilled God of War to life better. With an endless ability to scream, Terrence Carson fills out the vocal chords of a god with ease. His vocal chords must also be immortal because they never seem to get tired when screaming “Zeus!!!”

3. Ellen McLain (GLaDOS, Portal and Portal 2)

You could fall asleep to a wonderful lullaby sung to you by GLaDOS. Sure it’ll be full of subtle jabs at your weight and intelligence, but you won’t mind. You monster.

2. Logan Cunningham (Rucks, Bastion)

This newcomer blasted onto the scene as the sublime voice over for the game Bastion. Providing a live-running commentary for the character, Logan’s smooth voice provides you with critical backstory while you hammer your way through squirts. Without him, there is no question that Basion would not be the same and maybe not the success it is.

1. Nolan North (Nathan Drake, Uncharted)

Of course Nolan North would have to be at the top of our list of the 10 best video game voice actors. He’s been in practically every video game ever made. From personality cores in Portal to the voice of Nathan Drake, Nolan North is everywhere. A bit of a contradiction, he’s the unique voice of the everyman in gaming. His abilities range from the cartoonish to the sinister such as the Penguin in Arkham City. But, we all know and love him as that adventuring smart ass, Nathan Drake.

There you have the 10 best video game voice actors. Did we miss any? Let us know down in the comments.