Here we have the top 10 video game characters men want to be so you could save the princess and the world while still having time to make a few wise cracks.

Video games are about escape. You want to become absorbed in that little digital work popping up on your screen one pixel at a time. Your conduit to another world is the character you control. Many guys want to be a chivalrous hero in real life, but have no idea where to find a dragon and haven’t gotten any emails from princesses with a problem. It’s nice to dream and imagine in your head, but sometimes it’s even better to push a couple buttons.

That’s ok, we have the top 10 video game characters men want to be so you can live vicariously through that little hunk of plastic under your TV.

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    This might be the strangest character on our list of the top 10 video game characters men want to be, but bear with us. Pikachu is without a doubt the most important little guy in the sea of absurd monsters that fit into Poke´balls. He's adorable, so the ladies love him. He's powerful, so no one will mess with him. And he's he's the only Pokemon who gets to wander about outside his spherical electronic prison. He gets to call his own shots and live free of his human masters. If they piss him off, he can enlighten them to his way of thinking. Freedom is quite appealing. For that, Pikachu lands a spot on the top 10 video game characters men want to be.

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    Mario Game Series

    Let's face it, if you are starved for attention, you always wished you could be Mario. His name is on everything and is synonymous with gaming itself. He's the grandaddy and sort of has the Godfather position in the mafia of video game characters. He commands respect and admiration from the younger bucks. Plus you can jump on Bloopers. Who wouldn't want to jump on Bloopers.

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    Cloud Strife

    Final Fantasy XII

    Forgive Cloud for being a bit of the quiet emotional type, but this spiky haired warrior is what most of the reserved gamers wished they could be. He's smart, fast, and deadly with his arsenal of absurdly large swords that he keeps stashed neatly in his motorcycle. Besides being an incredibly acrobatic warrior, he's surrounded by two of the hottest girls in gaming.

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    Devil May Cry Series

    He can keep his enemies afloat on a cushion of bullets and can walk through the demon realm while wise cracking at beasts the size of buildings. He's just cool.

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    Marcus Fenix

    Gears of War Series

    There hasn't been too much by the way of manliness on our list of the top 10 video game characters men want to be, but that's about to change. By far the epitome of manliness, Marcus Fenix is a world saving mountain of muscle and grit is what any tough gamer aspires to be. He sounds like he's got a throat full of gravel and I'm sure it isn't from gargling whiskey and screaming into pillows. With his trusty gun mounted chainsaw, Fenix rips through alien after alien with only one thing on his mind. What guy gamer wouldn't like to save the world with his pals?

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    The Prince

    Prince of Persia Series

    Lot's of girls wanted to be Disney princesses when they were growing up, but how many of you guys wanted to be princes? We're willing to bet, not that many. Well, not that many until you started commanding the flow of time as the Prince from Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. His acrobatic skills are second to none and he is constantly chasing after that mysterious princess of his. Plus, imagine what you could do with that dagger. There's so many possibilities when you have time in the palm of your hand.

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    Although you can already inhabit the skin of the dragon born in a very intimate way, how amazing would it if you were blessed with dragon speak in real life? Your boss asks you to work overtime? Fos Ro Dah! He's plastered against the back wall of his office a stapler embedded in his forehead. That should get your point across. Plus girls love the dragonborn.

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    Master Chief

    Halo Series

    First of all, look at the name: Master Chief. Two words synonymous with power. You couldn't have a more manly name unless your friends called you Velociraptor Venturi Boomstick. Second of all, he's a super soldier with a suit of armor and an armory of laser weapons. Third and finally, he has a holographic girlfriend. End. Of. Discussion.

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    Nathan Drake

    Uncharted Series

    Snark, if used improperly, comes off as douchey. But when used correctly, you come off as a rakish and adventurous rascal with a penchant for danger. Nathan Drake has the balance of wit and courage we would all like to see in ourselves. He easily leaps and climbs his way up to hidden temples that were only real in myths of old. Who wouldn't want to be the rakish explorer with a heart of gold and a tongue sharper than diamond? Oh, did we mention that he always gets the girl?

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    The Legend of Zelda Series

    Ever the strong silent type, Link is not just the quintessential hero, but he is what many gamers aspire to be. His unfailing will to hurl himself into any dangerous situation and clear sense of the world and all its gray areas makes him someone to be admired. He's conquered rogue planets, evil wizards, and even time itself, but he somehow is still the humble boy in green that everyone loves. That's why he's our #1 guy on our list of the top 10 video game characters men want to be.