Take a trip down to your local unemployment office. If you see an overwhelming amount of tall athletic men waiting in line then our worse fears have been realized -- the NBA lockout is still going strong.

The NBA lockout is the ultimate clash of egos, with the losers being the few remaining NBA fans. With little hope for resolution, life must go on for the faction of players unable to earn a living in the NBA this season. Whether it’s making money gambling or putting in part-time hours at a furniture store, the players have to make some money.

Let’s look at some possible new careers as players prepare for a winter without basketball.

  • Paid Internships

    While the lockout keeps players off the court, several have taken their talents to the corporate world. Nobody has a better job title than Brandon Jennings, who while interning at Under Armour, became known as the "Curator of Cool." Jennings perks include access to the Under Armour training facility, a condo, an office overlooking the inner harbor, and the keys to CEO Kevin Plank’s customized Jeep. Not to mention the experience he gets designing athletic gear for one of the top athletic manufacturers in the world.

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  • Professional Poker Player

    While some joined the corporate world, others have found their calling in other areas. Paul Pierce entered the World Series of Poker, and made it to the second day, outlasting over half the field. Pierce told PokerListings.com that the skills he learned playing poker might help him on the court. According to Pierce poker helps him “be more patient” and to be “smarter out there” on the court.

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  • Acting

    Reality TV has seen a surge of NBA talent living their “unscripted” lives out in front of a camera. Kris Humphries joined Lamar Odom as the newest member of the Kardashian clan. Carmelo Anthony and his wife Lala started their own reality show, and let’s pretend the worst show on television,‘Basketball Wives,’ never happened. While some players sell their souls to Ryan Seacrest and the E! Network, others have chosen to show what, if any, acting chops they may possess. Carmelo Anthony joined Chris Bosh in an episode of ‘Law and Order SVU,’ while Roy Hibbert and former NBA star Detlef Schrempf guest starred on an episode of NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation.’

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  • Fashion

    Amare Stoudamire has been busy during the lockout, promoting his new fashion-oriented website at BigLeagueSports.com. Stoudamire has always been on the cutting edge of style. If any athlete knows about fashion trends, it would be the power forward for the New York Knicks.

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  • Furniture Store Employee

    Delonte West has a job at Regency Furniture. Not the most luxurious or ambitious job in the world, West is limited because of his prior convictions for “a misunderstanding.” Apparently West misunderstood the proper use for a guitar case.

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  • Criminal

    Luckily for the NBA, players have for the most part stayed out of trouble. The only blemish being Michael Beasley, who was apprehended for drug possession earlier this summer. Beasley, who has always been known for his decision making, waited until just after the lockout began before speeding through Minnesota with bags of weed in his car. This allowed him to escape the wrath of the NBA lawmakers. A very savvy move by the youngster--16.2 grams of marijuana is only a petty misdemeanor carrying a $128 fine. In your face David Stern!!

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  • Comedian

    Ron Artest, sorry, Metta World Peace, has taken to the stage as a stand-up comedian. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of his jokes. That run on Dancing With The Stars was pretty hilarious though.

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