A hook-up is a lot like great beer; it’s very popular, involves both your mouth and (later on) your genitals and can either leave you with wondrous, pleasure-soaked memories or woeful outcomes full of medical conditions and public confrontations.  Either way, it's something we've all partaken in over the years.  Not all hookups are created equal, though. Here's our list of the seven types of hookups -- Which one is your favorite?

The One That Turns Into a Relationship

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What initially was a romp in the hay (or in, you know, a bed if you're not a farmer) can sometimes turn into something more serious.  This doesn't occur often, but when it does boy did you not see that coming.  Hey, go with it.

The One you Wish Would Turn Into a Relationship

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Sometimes you're going to meet a woman who likes you enough to hook up, but not quite enough to be your lady.  You can either get upset at the situation and try harder to get her (which will drive her away) or play it smart and focus your efforts elsewhere, allowing the relationship to evolve in whichever direction comes the most naturally.

The Ex-Sex

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Holy hell on heaven and earth, this is usually a bad idea.  Sure, it's comfortable and it's fun, but it's also dangerous.  If you still have feelings that go beyond the tender sentiment of penetration, then it's probably best not to confuse things with sex.  In most cases, ex doesn't mark the spot.

The One You Regret as it's Happening

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The buzz is starting to wear off, and you're realizing this might have been a bad idea.  What have you done?  If you find yourself in this situation, be a gentleman. Assess the situation, and if it's clear you're both not into it, laugh it off as a drunken mishap, and get some sleep.

The One That Was Way More Fun Than You Thought It'd Be

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You were definitely attracted to her, but you weren't expecting this!  When you got to the bedroom you saw energy, talent and passion you had no idea she possessed.  Just like life, hook-ups have a funny way of surprising you sometimes.

The One You Gave or Received Out of Mercy

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Sometimes pity hook-ups happen.  Once in a while a doofy guy  like you will get lucky by making a hot babe laugh her ass off right into his bed, and sometimes a homely chick is vivacious and sexy (that's right, sexy is an attitude, not a look) enough to bag herself a stud.  Sometimes, sex is charity -- just don't try and write it off as a tax deduction.

The One You've Been Waiting For...and it's Disappointing

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See what happened?  You built it up too much in your head and now you're sad.  Sometimes fascinating women are boring in bed and sometimes the people who talk the biggest game are the least confident in the sack.  Don't assume, because you might just end up with a hefty helping of disappointment with a side of shame.