You know the two classic ways women size up a man: by his shoes and his watch. Rocking a luxury timepiece (pay a month's salary or more for a watch, and you can call it a "timepiece"), broadcasts your status louder than flashing Benjamins, but not every guy can afford to drop four, or even five, figures on something that gives you the same basic info as the clock on your iPhone.

The Bernehim brothers agreed. Grandsons of the famous Swiss luxury watchmaker, Raymond Weil, they spent much of their lives in the family business, and decided that CEOs, NBA power forwards and trust fund babies shouldn't be the only ones with access to high-style, quality timepieces. So they started 88 Rue du Rhone to let guys like us enjoy a little Swiss luxury on our wrists, too.

Starting at just $399 and going up to only about $999, 88 Rue du Rhone watches come in dozens of styles you'd expect to see in the case at that jewelry store where you have to get buzzed in and the security guard eyes you the whole time. They also feature high-end details usually found on watches at ten times the price, like intricate filigree designs on the dial. Now you can show her the dollars don't matter, you've got more sense.