Adam Reposa is a lawyer. The Austin, Texas attorney repeatedly makes that clear in this local TV ad hawking his legal services. It's a good thing he does, because you'd likely mistake him for a lunatic street preacher high on bath salts. See what we mean below.

Reposa also makes it very clear that he is a truck owner. Not being from Texas, we aren't sure why that fact is relevant but apparently mode of transportation is something Texans consider when choosing legal counsel.

You're probably thinking that Reposa is putting us on here and that he doesn't really exist in a permanent state of road rage. He is just playing a funny character in an attempt to draw attention to his legal services.

Actually, evidence suggests Reposa may well be a proper madman. In 2010 he served 90 days in jail after simulating masturbation in the direction of a female judge.

So we guess that's what happens when you get in his way.