When you think go-to places for high-end fashion, Amazon falls somewhere between Walmart and Hot Topic. The online sales giant wants to change all that, posting itself up to be your one-stop shop for name brand vests and shoes that won't get you sent home from work.

The New York Times looks into Amazon's master plans, signing on hundreds of brands, such as Michael Kors, Jack Spade and Tracy Reese. How fancy are these clothes? They're made by companies whose names are peoples' full names!

The labels are into slumming it with Amazon. The website has a big advantage over brick-and-mortar stores because it doesn't demand companies mark prices down to clear extra stuff off the rack.

Amazon's high-end scheme may just be crazy enough to work its way into our fashion lives. Yes, we have fashion lives. We can totally see ourselves buying the ritziest brands, wowing the ladies on the club scene, then returning all the stuff on Monday after suddenly noticing it was all in the wrong size.