Actress Amber Tamblyn was accidentally e-mailed by model-turned-actor and musician Tyrese Gibson.  He intended to collaborate with Amber Rose (Kanye West's ex). Tamblyn, whose middle name is Rose, got the e-mail, read it, didn't correct him, but instead trolled Gibson into thinking he got the right Amber. The actress then sent Gibson four sample rap tracks she worked on. Hilarity ensues!

Tamblyn shared the entire e-mail conversation she had with Gibson on her official Facebook page, and it's worth the read. As for the tracks themselves (NSFW by the way), the first song 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' star sent Gibson is called 'Dancefloor Etiqutte.'

Going out to the ladies "wearing open-toed shoes," the song warns women on the dance floor to be careful of "predators, senators, date rapists" in the club. The hilarity continues with the second track 'Splits.'

The third song is about an issue that seems to have struck a chord with the young actress in these Rush Limbaugh times. It's called 'Contraception Matters.'

Adding to the issue, and directed at the folks in Congress, is the final demo 'All In Favor':

Tamblyn's claims her sense of humor is also attributed to her fiance, actor and comedian David Cross (of 'Arrested Development' fame). Now that her newly christened rap career has gone viral, we sure would like to hear more from Amber Tamblyn.

We like it much better than Amber Rose's actual musical debut.

[Via Best Week Ever TV]