Ambz Suicide is an 18-year old American SuicideGirl who loves herb and emoticons. Both can be more addictive than you'd realize and frowned upon by conservative folks in society.

Ambz also likez likes Sonic Slushes, which we whole-heartedly endorse. Unlike some of her other vices, no one is going to try to arrest you for possession / driving under the influence of Sonic. Yet.

Ambz Suicide
Age: 18
Location: USA

Occupation: Model

Into: Chillin, raves, stomping, getting tattoos, music, modeling, A.P.B. Reloaded, beer pong, smokin' a blunt, and being a bad bitch.

Makes Me Happy: Love and weed.

Makes Me Sad: Being bored and cashed bowls.

Hobbies: Getttin throwed, ya know?

5 Things I Can't Live Without: iPhone, weed, beer, bong and Sonic Slushes.

Vices: Weed, beer

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