Amy Beers is a 25 year-old model from Indianapolis with the best last name ever (at least until we meet someone named Amy GetsNaked).

When she's not modeling, Amy is an online TV personality at, where she hosts a show about fashion and nightlife in Indianapolis. Amy has also been a promotional representative for many different brands, including serving as a Playboy Girl of Golf, a Fuzzy Vodka Green Flag Girl and a Jagerette (think the liquor, not the hockey player). Staying on the booze theme, Amy Beers announced plans to distribute her very own line of vodka in June.

Someone named Beers making her own vodka? That's like someone named Jill Ketchup making a line of gourmet mustard. Whatever; it's all good. It's called Whipped, so she made a video for it involving her, a corset and a riding crop. Enjoy.

Amy Beers has also worked for Izod, Dos Equis, the Bud Light Fan Camp and the NFL Experience at the Super Bowl. With her girl-next-door looks it's no surprise to find out Amy Beers was a contestant for Maxim's Hometown Hotties in 2009 and 2011.

The Indy 500, the Colts and Amy Beers give you three great reasons to visit Indianapolis.

Height: 5’9” | Weight: 120 lbs. | Bust: 32” | Waist: 25” | Cup: B