We bet you anticipate, nay expect, androids to be incorporated into everyday life by 2050 – but we bet you didn’t count on the fact that in 2050 our "ladies of the night" could also require oil changes and scratch-resistant coatings.

New Zealand scientists made claim in the paper Robots, Men and Sex Tourism (checkbox on THAT subscription option) that brothels staffed by robot prostitutes will be the norm come 2050, arguing that this could be the key to making sex trade “respectable.”

Watch this informational video about the idea, and try to ignore the fact that one of the hooker robots appears to shoot poop rockets at a "john."

We hate to rain on anyone’s red light district but mounting a rented doll for $8,000 bucks sounds, not only a wee bit nefarious, but downright unthrifty. Why on earth would anyone rent a robot when they could just buy their own doll and eliminate the need to pack a bottle of ammonia and WD-40?