Studies have already found some pretty big differences between Facebook and Twitter users, but that was all boring personality research. Let's get to the good stuff already: how does each group feel about sex?

Marketing agency Euro RSCG surveyed 1,000 adult Twitter and Facebook users in the U.S. about their attitudes regarding sex and sexuality. Their findings?

In almost every category, Twitter users proved themselves to be pretty slutty. They're more likely to describe themselves as skilled lovers and sexually adventurous, more likely to have had an online fling, and more likely to be distracted by sexual thoughts at work. (They also think they masturbate more often than normal, but "normal" is a terribly subjective thing.)

Facebook users did score higher on one thing, though -- When asked to choose either sex or romance and told they could have it (and only it) for the rest of their lives, Facebook users chose "romance" more often than Twitter users. But we're not entirely sure that's anything to brag about.

Take a look at an infographic with all the details below. Unless you've already stopped reading this post and hopped over to slut it up on Twitter.

[Via AllTwitter]