When a game is available in cheaper and more expensive versions, it rarely makes sense to spring for the more expensive version before you start playing. Ash II: Shadows, though, is an exception. If you're in to the genre, you may as well buy the full version upfront.

A turn-based dungeon crawler that seems like a time capsule from 25 years ago, the game comes in two flavors: The $0.99 Silver edition, which currently gives you the first two chapters, and the $2.99 Gold model, which gives you those, plus four as-yet-unreleased chapters as they come out down the line.

We were equal parts bored and intrigued as we tapped our way through snarky dialogue, dispatched enemies with strategic taps through generously jumbo-sized menu tabs and roamed aimlessly through the Dragon Quest-aping overworld more than we'd care to admit.

Although the game can be a slog, it's also a therapeutic throwback that lets you strategically dispatch enemies, rack up your levels and pound your way through predictable quests.

A slew of experience and combat boosts, are available for $0.99 apiece. They may save you some time, but if you're into a grind-heavy game, it's probably because you enjoy the grinding aspect and aren't cool with cutting in line.

This game is for those who, like R. Kelly, don't see nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind.

RATING: 7/10

Ash II: Shadows ($0.99-$2.99), available on iOS platforms, was published by Konami, which provided a review code. We played the game for two hours on an iPod Touch.