With the proliferation of craft breweries, marketing savvy American microbrewers have discovered that having a distinctive tap handle can help make your brand stand out among the rows of suds flags. But, because we live in a world dominated by D-I-Y ethos, creative beer tap handle making doesn't stop at the brewery.

Crafty beer fans have spent hours demonstrating that you don't have to be a brewery to make a cool, distinctive beer tap handle for your taps. CoolMaterial.com has posted a gallery of the 15 coolest beer taps. It includes beer tap handles made from swords, antlers and more. Below are a few of the cool beer tap handles on their list:


  • Lightsaber Tap Handles

    Since we're thisclose to May the 4th, these lightsaber beer tap handles are the only way to tap an Imperial Stout Trooper from New England Brewing Co. For all the gadgets and technology available on the Millennium Falcon, we don't recall a wet bar. You have to have a few beers when traversing the galaxy, don't you?

  • Gun Tap Handle

    Perhaps influenced by Dark Horse Brewery's awesome Double Barreled Shotgun tap handle, this revolver tap handle is unquestionably the best use for a gun when you are drinking. The beer tap handle maker nicely worked this single-action pistol into the most unique tap handle you'll ever see.

  • Video Game Controller Tap Handles

    Each year, the video game industry releases a new console that renders your old system all but obsolete. Using your old NES, PlayStation and Wii controllers as tap handles is a damn ingenious way to decorate a game room.