Thank you, Adam Levine. No, really.

We’ll forget you’re the reason why so many girls only like guys who sing falsetto, for now, and praise you for putting Behati Prinsloo back in the news. Seeing her name pop up in our newsfeed, thanks to a much-publicized smooch session with you in Hawaii, gives us a reason to celebrate her amazing smile and perfect body (Not that we really need a reason to do that).

The Nambien-born model flaunts her assets as the spokes model for Victoria’s Secret PINK line. You’ve no doubt seen a 9-foot tall, scantily clad version of Prinsloo staring down at you from behind a storefront window at your local shopping mall. (Don’t you love it that they have benches at the malls? That way you can just sit in front of Victoria’s Secret and stare at a 9-foot tall hottie in her underwear all day?)

Prinsloo has modeled for Vogue and Chanel, as well as H&M, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger among others. She’s also appeared in a few music videos, including a Victoria’s Secret promotional clip set to Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.”

Want to see more of Prinsloo? Of course you do! Her Twitter feed is the best place to find hot candid pics of the African beauty in between photo and video shoots.