You probably know 32-year-old Feldman from his role as Michael Ginsberg, Don Draper’s hilarious and smart copywriter on AMC's 'Mad Men.' Cool and effortless, Ben's style is a great one to steal for spring and summer, and we're about to tell you how.

A lightweight summer wool or linen blazer can dress up any outfit; even wearing this jacket with a t-shirt would look great. If you don't own a jacket like this, you should.

There are two keys to looking presentable in warmer weather: lightweight fabric, and light colors that reflect sunlight, rather than absorb it. When it's hot, choose a short-sleeved Oxford shit with a relaxed fit; nobody wants to get near the dude with sweat-stains. If you have to wear dark colors, go dark on the bottom and choose lightweight pants, like chinos.

Lastly, while leather belts really class up an outfit, if you're on a budget there are plenty of convincing fakes. We've linked to a good one below. Shoes, though? Please wear leather shoes in the summer. No one wants to smell your feet in those nasty canvas slip-ons you refuse to throw out.

Steal Ben′s Style:

Jacket -- ASOS Slim Fit Blazer in Gray Wool Mix [$63]

Shirt -- ASOS Oxford Shirt [$31]

Belt -- ASOS Smart Leather Look Belt [$19]

Pants -- ASOS Slim Chino in Black [$38]

Shoes -- ASOS Derby Shoes With Leather Sole [$83]