So the Big Game is kicking off this weekend and you still don't have a decent TV to watch it on? You could brave the crowd of faux fans at the the local sports bar, or break down and hit your buddy's party and put up with his girlfriend's friends squealing "Ooooh, I want the team in the pretty purple uniforms to win!" all night… OR you could finally crack open that wallet of yours and buy yourself a kickass TV.

Here are 5 picks for every breed and budget:

  • 1

    Go Big or Go Home

    If size matters… and watching sports on TV is one of the few times it does… go big with VIZIO's wall-filling 70" Razor LED Smart TV. At over 5-feet wide, the action comes through in crystal clear 1080p HD with Razor LED technology for pumping up the colors and details. And when the game's over you can use the 4 HDMI ports or the included Internet Apps to stream in movies, music, games, apps and other distractions. At just under $1,600 you can live large at a bargain. Leave the couch? I don't think so.

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    Bang for Your Buck

    Want a great picture and loads of features (including 3D), but don't want to take out a second mortgage to do it? Check out this 51" plasma number from Samsung. Simple in design, with great picture quality for a 720p model, and active 3D (with two pairs of glasses included), for under $700? The phrase "budget model" just got new meaning.

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    Get In the Game

    Want to feel like Ray Lewis is about to tackle you for a loss without having to live with the resulting concussion? Hang LG's 55" Cinema 3D HDTV on your wall, and with it's full 1080p rez and nearly frameless design, you'd feel like you were right on the field… if the Big Game was actually broadcast in 3D. No matter. The plus with 3D TVs is their 2D picture is often sharper than standard 2D sets, and that's the case with this one. Plus the included 6 pairs of passive 3D glasses means you and your Super Bowl party guests can enjoy a screening of "Piranha 3D" after the game.

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    If You've Got Money to Spare

    If money's no object and you're looking for the most explosive color so you can see what exact shade of purple Raven's purple really is, take a look a the 55" XBR Internet TV from Sony. At $3,199.99 (reduced from $3,499.99), it's one of the pricier in its category. But you'll love the X-Reality PRO Picture engine and Motionflow technology that reduce blur on rapidly moving objects, like a Kaepernick pass.

    (Note: If time is on your side, you might want to wait for Sony's next gen HDTVs with the new Color IQ technology just announced at CES, that delivers a much wider color gamut for an even more natural and vivid picture. Should be out this spring.)

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    Let's Hope the Food is Good

    So your TV budget falls somewhere below "bus fare for work" and just above "dollar menu dinner"? That ancient tube TV your blue-haired neighbor just left on the curb might do. You may not be able to tell which team is which, but it's better than checking Twitter for updates.

    Or you could snag this flat-screen-looking Sony WEGA CRT on eBay. It's got 27-inches of not-too-eye-straining 480i resolution, and pumps out 10 watts of what the seller describes as "non-fatiguing sound." (Didn't see that coming, did ya, Bose?) All for a mere $30. Come on, splurge… you can go a month without dinner.