Scientists recently constructed a bionic man using artificial limbs and organs, to be featured in a television documentary about the evolution of technology. However, this creepy robo-bastage is not half as charming as the Six Million Dollar Man, played by 1970’s action hero Lee Majors. Then again, it did only cost about a sixth of that price tag to build this one.

The bionic dude was build using Rex Bionics, which is short for robotic exoskeleton, and is made up of a vast collection of highly distinguished and technologically advanced limbs and organs created by scientists from around the planet. It has an eye built by the University of California, a spleen created by Yale University, and artificial blood produced by a team of mad scientists at Sheffield University. And no, he doesn't have a robo-wiener. Thanks for asking, though.

Scientists say that not only do these advancements in prosthesis and artificial organs mean that replacement body parts are possible, but it also indicates that superior versions of these body parts can be created – possibly giving humans the ability to sustain their lives far beyond what we thought possible.

“It’s exciting and a bit scary,” says social psychologist and owner of a bionic arm, Dr. Bertolt Meyer “We might be at a point in science and technology where we see first glimpses of the possibilities to go beyond the limits of evolution.”

However, critics say technology might be going too far. “I think when it comes to our bodies, the danger is we might change what it is to be human,” says George Anna, Professor of Bioethics and Human Rights at Boston University. "Create a new species that may turn around to bite us, similar to the Frankenstein myth, where your creature let loose in the world becomes destructive and uncontrollable."

Fear certainly does not appear to be a deterrent from attempting to create a bionic society: scientists are already working on projects to help the blind see, and developing prosthetic replacements for all major organs. One such device already exists; the SynCardia artificial heart – similar to the artificial heart Jason Statham is given in the movie ‘Crank: High Voltage.'

All we know is; once science finally develops a prosthetic liver, it's party time!