Bruno Sammartino, arguably one of the greatest wrestlers to compete in the squared circle, is finally being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Before he gets inducted he wants to do one thing to WWE owner Vince McMahon. 

"I want to shake Vince's hand," Sammartino explained in a recent interview with the Camel Clutch Blog. The WWF legend also admitted he's "open to calling another match with Vince under the right circumstances." The two were broadcast partners for many years.

The induction of Sammartino in the WWE Hall of Fame came as a shock to many wrestling fans and industry insiders. For years, Sammartino has blasted the WWE product, especially during the "steroid era" of professional wrestling when it seemed as though the WWE brass turned a blind eye to drug use and commended wrestlers for being bigger than life where physiques are concerned.

Reports are that McMahon's son-in-law Triple H did some heavy courting of the WWF legend, but Sammartino explains in the hour-long interview that it was a doctor who actually told him about the comprehensive drug testing now in place in the WWE. It was one of the facts that swayed him to consider teaming with the WWE again.

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