Callioppee Suicide is a self-labeled “child of the earth” who dreams of magical vegetable gardens and loves to watch the sun rise. She’s earthy, she’s natural, and she’s a gift from Mother Nature. She’s today’s SuicideGirl.

AGE: 23

LOCATION: California

HOMETOWN: I am a child of the earth.

OCCUPATION: Time traveler

GETS ME HOT: Beards, heavy vibrato, sweet talkin blue-eyed boys, big beautiful brains

FANTASY: The veggie garden of my dreams, planting and harvesting herbs with magical properties depending on the cycles of the moon.

SIGN: Taurus

I LOST MY VIRGINITY: But it’s got to be around here somewhere

CIGARETTES: I have black lungs

MY DIET: Vegetarian

ALCOHOL: Occasionally

I AM LOOKING FOR: Someone exotic

MY KINK FACTOR: I'll try anything once, especially if you beg for it.

MY POLITICS: None apply, you assholes

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: When I go out, ANYTHING can happen.

I WANT: Friendship, Online Flirting

MAKES ME HAPPY: The smell of new books, the change of the seasons, sunrises when most of the city is asleep, hot chai tea on cold days, cold chai tea on hot days, Arthropods, Cephalopods, epiphanies, feeling a connection with other human creatures, tender moments that make my eyes swell with water, quite mornings, noisy nights, interpretive dance with the boyfriend when no one is looking, silliness, inside jokes, self reflection, self esteem, self worth, cosmic design, morning sex, electrodes, diodes, and potentiometers, paper mache, fruit trees, semantics, tenderness, truthfulness, connectedness, understanding, flora and fauna.

MAKES ME SAD: Slaughterhouses, dairy farms, veal boxes, battery cages and cattle prods.

HOBBIES: Cooking, Crafting, Creating.

VICES: I keep my nails short so I can dig into life.


I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: In the produce section of your local grocery store

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