Infamous 'Girls Gone Wild ' concept "creator" Joe Francis has led a blessed life of beaches, babes and bikinis. Dating Wilhelmina model Abbey Wilson is perhaps his biggest accomplishment yet.

The beautiful and blonde Wilson is starring alongside Francis on VH-1's 'Couples Therapy,' the reality-based show where couples work out problems. While the duo is on the show to address Wilson's eating disorder, Dr. Jenn Berman has discovered that there are deeper issues in the relationship…Hmmm. We wonder if those "deeper issues" are about 6'2" and skilled at getting drunk coeds to take off their tops while he holds a video camera?

Here's the thing: Wilson is still young. She can attract any dude; she doesn't have to settle for a middle-aged man whose next big pay day will come from their sex tape. We know how gross all guys can be, but Wilson can do better than Francis. /