Jessica Simpson's recent "Feet Tweet" had a lot of us at GuySpeed HQ scratching our heads with our big toe. It turns out that this wasn't a poor snap judgment. It turns that even this, just like the incessant LOLcats, flash mobs and bros-icing-bros, is just another Internet trend. Many famous faces like showing off their feet.

GuySpeed has put together a list of the most interesting feet pics and Twitpics and turned them into a little guessing game. The answer for each photo can be found by clicking the picture link. If you manage to nail a perfect score, we congratulate you, but have many serious questions to ask.

  • 1

    Agony of DeFeet

    These feet don't get much as much air time as her face during national sporting events. The damage could be from all that dancing she did. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 2

    Don't Walk...Call a 'Taxi'

    This TV star's "troll foot" practically became an Internet meme when he started posting shots of it on his Twitter feed during Lakers games, with the Jonas Brothers and on the set of his popular FX show. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 3

    Born This Way?

    The feet that belong to this singer seem like they've gone through a lot, but it's just makeup for her new video. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 4

    'All My Tootsies'

    This foot made an appearance on her morning show to show off a new nail polish color named "Whatever Lola Wants" after her daughter. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 5

    'Fierce' Feet

    This amateur dancer had to get her foot numbed up after injuring it during a rehearsal. Now her foot knows what her father used to feel like during most of his time on tour. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 6

    Feet To 'Talk' About

    We hope you're not eating while you try to figure out the talk show host who developed this blister while dancing. "How she doin?" Not good judging by those toes. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 7

    Corn-y Young Love

    This singer gets pampered by her even younger boyfriend. Case in point is this Twitpic of a foot rub from her 'Baby, baby, baby.' [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 8

    No 'Love' For Foot Injuries

    This tennis star tweeted a pic of her injured foot after pulling out of a major tournament. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]

  • 9

    Attack Of The Shoe

    This TV host and sitcom star's real first name is Lisa and is incredibly popular with the geek crowd. She is also incredibly popular with pretty much every guy. [CLICK PHOTO FOR ANSWER]