We realize it’ll be hard to quit gawking at her pictures in order to read the interview, but just give it a shot people!

Actress/TV host Candace Bailey’s success in show business isn’t just because of her looks. She is flawlessly gorgeous, yes, but in speaking to her it’s obvious that the girl is smart, down to Earth and remarkably funny, which is probably why people love watching her on G4’s ‘Attack of the Show!’

The series is a smash hit for G4 and has risen Candace to a status she never saw coming. She was chosen as number 48 on Ask Men's list of the ‘Top 99 Hottest Women of 2012’ and has continued to grace the pages of magazines all across the globe. To add her stunning supermodel-esque looks, Candace’s personality is one of somebody just looking to have a good time, someone completely open to anything that is fun, unique and often challenging.

Candace was recently kind enough to talk to us about ‘Attack of the Show!’ and what it’s like being in the world of technology and we spring some surprising news on her about our 100 most mind-numbingly hot women list.

You started on ‘Attack of the Show!’ back in 2011, correct?

Yes. I sort of started back in 2010. They announced me I think in November of 2010 but my first day of actually hosting was in January of 2011.

And Kevin is now gone. How has it been without him?

Yeah, last week was his last week. We did E3 together so his actual last week in studio was the week before, but now we’re having guest hosts come in and fill Kevin’s spot for now. This week we have Chris Hardwick and next week we have Rob Delaney and then a bunch more comedians coming in.

Speaking of the comedians, you’ve done a lot of acting, but this show is very comedy based. Still you seem to transform into comedy really well.

Thank you! I appreciate that. I hosted a similar show in college when I was in New York. It was called ‘U Pick Live’ and it was on Nickelodeon. Lots of comedy and silly stunts were on there, so I think that really prepared me a lot for this job.

What was it about hosting that you really enjoy?

I love being able to be myself. I love the live aspect of it. It’s exciting and there’s such an adrenaline rush before we start. Anything can happen or be said. You never know. I love that part of it. I also love getting to do skits and just be out there and be myself.

Was comedic acting always in the back of your head?

Definitely. I would love to do a comedy movie, a sitcom or anything with comedy in. All I’ve done up to this point is drama so I’d love to comedy later on.

How did ‘Attack of the Show!’ come to you?

Honestly, it was an audition. My agent had heard about it. I think it was a different show when I first auditioned or a meet and greet with the casting director, but they kept me in mind for when things popped up. I came on a few times to do the feed and then guest hosted when Olivia [Munn] was gone and then the position became available and that’s really how everything happened.

Did you consider yourself a tech-nerd of sorts going into the show?

I’m not so much a tech-nerd, but I’m very interested in technology. I’m not the person who knows everything. I definitely have to do my research and figure out what’s coming out and what I like. Some people just know. They’re like, “This has this and this and this,” which amazes me. I’m not that person. I’m like the average person who’s into the new technology and love to find out the new gadgets.

Do you find yourself keeping up with the tech world more so now?

Absolutely. I also do a column in Men’s Fitness now on gadgets and stuff. So I definitely do like to know what’s out there and find out the newest gadgets and see what’s the best for its money and such. I’m always interested in that kind of thing.

As you said, ‘Attack of the Show!’ was just at the E3 convention. What was that like?

It’s madness! [laughs] We do live shows from the convention floor. On Tuesday, we had a five-hour live show. It's demo after demo. Wednesday, we had a three-hour live show. Thursday, we had a three-hour live show. It’s a lot of live TV. So many games were covered and we met so many people. It’s really exciting. I love E3! We do the same thing at Comic-Con. And I love Comic-Con.

Comic-Con seems like a whole different world of madness.

It is! E3 is contained but Comic-Con is just chaos everywhere, but that’s what I love about it. The fans are walking the show floor with you and you get to meet all of these people. It’s really cool seeing everybody dressed up and having a good time.

GuySpeed recently recapped our list of '100 Greatest Games of All Time.’ So, what would you rank as your personal favorite?

I like to keep it old school. I’ve got to go with Mario Kart. It’s just always been my favorite.

Do you think it’s possible to spend too much time playing video games?

Is it possible? You know, as long as you get your shit done, who cares how much time you spend, right? [laughs] I mean, I think do whatever you want to do. If you want to spend all your extra time on video games who’s to say that you shouldn’t be able to do that?

Getting back to ‘Attack of the Show!’, when you do the actual live show, how much of it is scripted?

Oh it’s definitely scripted. We could never come up with an hour of content. We have amazing writers. We do a table read and in it we see what works and what doesn’t work. A lot of it is ad-libbed as well but it’s definitely scripted. I can’t take credit [laughs].

Throughout your career so far, you’ve both hosted and acted. Do you prefer one?

I love them both. I don’t ever want to have to choose one thing over the other. I’d love to have a career where I can go back and forth. Maybe back in the day you had to choose one, but I think nowadays things are so open and broad that you can go back and forth.

That’s true. It seems it’s not as cut and dry. You also did modeling when you were younger.

When I was a kid.

So how did you make the jump to acting and hosting?

I just went into an audition. It was my very first hosting audition. I didn’t know what I was doing. I had a lot of callbacks and testings. That’s really how I fell into that. But with acting, when I was a kid I used to go to New York for the summer. We did the kids modeling, which transitioned into commercials and auditions for movies and such. From there I went to New York for college. I loved New York, and that’s where I got ‘U Pick Live,’ from the audition. It wasn’t like I decided I wanted to host. I didn’t even know too much about it.

It seems you’re a natural at it and part of the reason ‘Attack of the Show!’ is so successful. Why do you think the show has such a strong cult following?

I think it’s because we’re real. At least, I like to think that. I think people get the feeling they’re hanging out with us. We’re having fun on the show and I think they see that. We’re also giving them a lot of information. You can see so many different things on ‘Attack of the Show!’ that you won’t see anywhere else. I think that’s probably it.

What about an experience? Is there a certain experience that sticks out in your mind that you’ve enjoyed most?

Hmm, what would be for your readers? Maybe when me and Sara Underwood oatmeal wrestled?

That’s probably a good answer.

That was really a lot of fun actually. We’ve done so many silly things on the show. One that sticks out -- which is so silly but I love it -- is when we got to ride on Segways on our show for the first half. We had this course where we had to go back and forth from one station to another on our Segways while making an ice cream sundae. I just love being able to do silly things like that. I come into work and they go, “You’re going to do this,” and I’m like, "What?" But it’s awesome. Where else would I get to ride a Segway at work and make an ice cream sundae? It just doesn’t happen anywhere else.

But the fact that you’re so willing is great.

Oh, but it’s such a blast! When I first got the job they sent me on this vision quest where I went to Skywalker Ranch and put on a suit like Ironman. I got to see videos of me being Ironman, which was a lot more feminine than the regular Ironman. But I get to have those experiences that I can cross off the bucket list that I didn’t even know I had on a bucket list. It’s really cool.

GuySpeed is doing a list of ‘100 Most Mind-Numbingly Hot Women of 2012’ and we’ve chosen you as number one.

Oh wow! Wait, as what?

As number one.

Are you kidding?

Nope. One hundred percent serious

Oh my God. That’s amazing! Wow! Thank you so much.

Congratulations! So what does it feel like to be mind numbing?

Wow. Well, first off, I didn’t even know I was mind numbing. I’m completely flattered. Oh God, I wish I had a good answer for this. I don’t even know what to say. I’m speechless and that doesn’t happen very often. Oh my god. This is so awesome. I love that. Tell everyone at GuySpeed thank you! I’m so excited!