The 14 Worst Break-Up Texts Ever
Break-up texts are hard to write. You can’t be honest with the person, because if you were, you would unleash a fury upon them that would echo through eternity, but you can’t be too nice or it will never end.
The 5 Ways to Fart In Front of Your Girlfriend
Hanging around with your girlfriend, especially when the relationship is new, often involves an air of mystery hanging above as you both slowly begin to shed the getting-to-know-you mentality and slide in to the phase in which you both start to relax and show your new significant other the "…
4 Advantages Ugly Guys Have With Women
Think of the hottest woman you know in real life – now think about her boyfriend or husband. He’s probably not as good-looking as his partner. Sure, there are handsome men in the world, and those guys usually end up with equally as gorgeous spouses, but there are far more attra…

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