Season 3 of 'Guy Code,' MTV2's original series that chronicles what it's like to be a dude through talking head-style commentary, comedic sketches and field segments, premieres tonight at 11pm. But we've got a preview of what you can expect from the upcoming season right here.

In this clip, musician Cee-Lo Green describes his idea of a "good ass night." It starts, of course, with a trip to the mall and the purchase of an outlandish outfit. From there, Green charters a plane to Las Vegas, where he meets two sets of twins at a bar and dances the night away after tipping the DJ $10,000 to play a Daft Punk song 10 times in a row.

Then, Green takes the chicks back to his suite where they jump up and down on the bed, have a pillow fight and tell ghost stories. But that's where the innocence stops. "And then, I'll f*** 'em," he laughs.

It's weird how much Cee Lo and our mom's have in common.