Today’s celebrity cleavage is attached to a 35-year-old actress from Baltimore, Maryland. We know, you could care less where these little beasts hail from originally, but it is often important to acclimate yourself to the dominate region where said flesh originated from in order to make an accurate prediction.

Hey, we are just trying to help you!

This set of pasty white knockers actually got their start by appearing in a 1999 slasher film where they were a part of an unlucky cheerleader who met her timely demise at the hand of some psychotic loon with a meat hook. Since then, this rack has appeared on countless magazine covers like Raygun, Playboy, Self, and Cosmopolitan.

Incidentally, this cleavage has made the Maxim Hot 100 as well as ranked in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World.