In honor of last night's Golden Globe awards, our mystery cleavage is a throwback to these 2007 very golden globes.

This 31-year-old musician and actress was born and raised in Texas to a professional record manager and a costume designer/hair stylist, so she grew up surrounded by music and style. Her older sister grew up to be a singer, songwriter and actress as well. She began her pursuit of stardom early, taking dance lessons and quickly developed a passion for music that stuck with her through her entire education.

The now infamous music group responsible for her rise to stardom was originally called 'Girls Tyme,' and after many setbacks, the group was signed under their new name to Columbia Records in 1996. They are survivors. Eh? Eh?

Since then, her accomplishments in the world of music and film are too long to even attempt to list, but come on -- you know who this Billboard chart-topping wonderwoman is, don't you?