Chances are you probably know who this sexy little New York style street diva is, but more than likely you can’t pronounce her name. That’s all right. You can simply call her Paz, which incidentally is Spanish for “peace.” In fact, her full professional name Paz de la Huerta literally means “Peace of the Orchard.”

Probably best known for her starring role as Lucy Danziger in the HBO series 'Boardwalk Empire' and the French television series 'X Femmes', Paz has been making appearances in films and television since 1998.

Paz stars in the upcoming psychosexual thriller, 'Nurse 3D'. Cast as a dedicated nurse with a sinister side punishing dishonest men, we feel that that this role is probably the most accurate portrayal of Paz herself.

Although that scares the heck out of us, we are turned on nonetheless.