This super sexy dark haired Italian beauty is probably best known for her work as the MILF in the Spy Kids film trilogy, as well as Mr. Poppers Penguins.

In Gugino’s early career she landed a starring role in the Shelley Long film 'Troop Beverly Hills' before co-starring with Pauly Shore in the 1993 romantic comedy Son in Law. In 1994 she got her sexy on for the guys in Bon Jovi, appearing in their video for their song “Always.”

In her most recent role as Susan Berg in the upcoming six-hour American miniseries, Political Animals, she stars as a reporter who has spent a lot of time trying to undermine Elaine (played by Sigourney Weaver), but eventually becomes an unlikely ally. This series is scheduled to premier on the USA Network on July 15, 2012, and will air on Sunday nights.