It's Eva Amurri, daughter to actress Susan Sarandon and Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri.

Eva Amurri got her start in the movie business by accompanying her mother in several films, including Dead Man Walking, where she portrayed her mother’s character of Sister Helen at age nine. In 2011, she left the single life to marry former Major League Soccer player and current Fox soccer broadcaster Kyle Martino.

In her most recent project, she stars along side of Alec Baldwin in the film 'AmeriQua'. In this new comedy, Amurri apparently plays one of two dangerously beautiful Italian woman that brings a lot of trouble to some irresponsible rich kid whose parents are about to cut him off. Regardless if this film is good or not we're going to make it a point to check it out. Because dangerously beautiful Italian women excite us... and we're not at all ashamed of that!