At first glance, this dimly lit, red room decorated with fuzzy lamps and a subliminally shaped vagina bed looks like a set from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. However, this production is not the set of a TV show; it is actually a “sex room” located inside a Chinese hospital, where couples that are having some difficulties conceiving children go to knock the dust off their boots.

In fact, not only does the Wuhan Songziniao Hospital offer infertile couples an opportunity to tickle each other’s “get-me-off” spots in their plush $140 a night sex ward, but the hospital also provides patients with an extensive collection of porn videos and sex toys to help some of the less experienced fornicators come together, so to speak.

With China housing the world’s largest population, it's hard to imagine a need for basic sexual education in their country. Yet, during a recent press conference, sex professor Peng Xiaohui from the Huazhong Normal University said that the hospital recently helped a couple who, after three years of marriage, was unable to get knocked-up because the husband kept trying to stick it in his wife’s his wife’s belly button instead of her vagina.

Man, talk about safe sex.