In his stint with the WWE, Chris Mordetzky was known as Chris 'The Masterpiece' Masters, but yesterday Mordetzky played the role of 'The Hulk' to save his mother's life.

"He rushed to his mother's L.A. home yesterday after his uncle called and said a neighbor had gone crazy and barricaded himself inside her house. When Chris showed up, the neighbor was shouting through the front door that he would burn the place down if anyone tried to gain entry. Chris says he tried talking sense into the guy, but he wasn't having it -- so Chris called the cops ... but when they showed up, the neighbor set the house on fire."

Masters did what we all hope we can if we ever found ourselves in a situation which threatened the life of a loved one -- he beasted out, tore a tree from the ground and smashed it through a window. Masters then reached through the window and pulled his mother from the blaze.

Police were able to storm the house and arrest the suspect. He is still in police custody.

Masters calmed down after the situation, returned to his normal human form and now roams the Earth in search of a cure. Wait, that was the actual Hulk.