No room in your living room (or your wallet) for a full 5.1 home theater system, and tired of listening to the game on the puny speakers built-in to your flatscreen? With the Big Game coming up, make sure you hear every crushing hit (before Goodell outlaws them completely) with the Cinema Soundbar 200 from JBL.

Engineered to give you the best sound in the smallest space, the Soundbar looks like—and takes up the space of—a single 35.5-inch long speaker, but inside it's hiding a pair of premium 3.5-inch cone woofers for wall-shaking bass, two 1-inch tweeters and a 120-watt amplifier. It's also fitted with Harman Display Surround, a neat little feat of audio technology that delivers room-filling 3D sound from only two channels. No need to stuff a subwoofer in somewhere behind the recliner.

The Soundbar is made to fit on a shelf or table in front of your TV, or use the included hardware to mount it on the wall under your flatscreen for a more integrated look. Either way, it won't hurt the sound delivery.

Completely Plug-and-Play, the Cinema Soundbar connects to any TV (all cables included), and has all the inputs you need to connect your cable box or satellite tuner, disc player and gaming system. There's also a small remote to control the volume, but it can "learn" the IR volume control code from your current remote, so you can crank it up without fumbling for multiple remotes. The Soundbar also features Bluetooth so you can stream your tunes in from your smartphone, laptop or MP3 player in case a post game celebration breaks out.