After she escaped the evil clutches of Christina Aguilera and became one of Hollywood’s runaway slaves, Jenna landed small roles in 'The Hot Chick' and 'The Grudge 2' in order to makes ends meet.

Eventually she signed on to do a film called 'Tamara', which incidentally was produced by the same band of cronies responsible for making a box office miracle out of 'Final Destination'. Don’t ask us how they managed to make that happen.

A few years later, she landed a role as Nora Clark in the romance 'Step Up,' which is said to be her most memorable role to date. Unfortunately, none of us here in the office has ever seen this film, and even if we did, we would never admit it to you.

Although it is reported that Jenna is currently happily married to G.I. Joe star Channing Tatum, there is a rumor floating around that she may be having a torrid love affair with 'American Virgin' co-star, Rob Schneider – who may or may not be a retired Lebanese puppeteer.