CM Punk gets a permanent thumbs up for this gesture. On Sunday, the WWE superstar visited 77-year-old robbery victim Thomas Dotterer at a hospital in upstate N.Y. Last month Dotterer was shot in the eye while being robbed at the liquor store he owns in Syracuse, N.Y.

Tough-as-nails, Dotterer returned to work just days after the shooting, despite losing his right eye as a result of the incident. He told reporters then that the "worst thing that happened to him that week" was The Rock beating CM Punk at the Royal Rumble and NOT losing his eye.

There are people who called out of work this morning with a cold, and this guy was more worried about a rasslin' match than losing one of his eyes.

Dotterer was scheduled to attend the WWE RAW show in Syracuse on Sunday, but was hospitalized due to complications from the shooting. Once it was made known that Dotterer wouldn't be at the show, Punk made the trip to the hospital.

Maybe because fans are forced to root for a personality and not a jersey, pro wrestlers may have a better relationship with their fan base than athletes in any other sport. Let's just hope they don't start plucking out their eyes to meet their favorite WWE star.