The world of college football has very little to do with collegiate athletics and a lot to do with the cut-throat business side of the sport that generates millions of dollars a year. Need proof? Look no further than Tommy Tuberville and his recent exit out of Texas Tech.

The story comes from a recruit who went on a visit to Texas Tech. Tuberville and his coaching staff took Devonte Danzey and two other recruits out to dinner. Danzey explains when things got a little suspicious.

“In the midst of the conversation at the table, he asked the coaches how long they expected to be at Tech (if they were not fired), he said. I asked Coach (Charlie) Weis at KU and Coach (Dana) Holgorsen at West Virginia (the same question), just so I know my relationship with them,” Danzey said. “(Tuberville) was just telling me he coached at Miami and Auburn, he coached 10 years and recruited Ray Lewis and kind of blew the question off I didn’t even realize.”

Danzey goes on to explain that after the waitress brought the food to the table, Tuberville slipped away "to use the men's room" but never came back to the table. Maybe he got a case of the Hershey squirts? Nope. He was busy negotiating another coaching job.

The next morning the recruits were scheduled for a campus tour with coaches but Tuberville was a no show. Offensive line coach Chris Thomsen addressed the group and broke the news Tuberville had been named the new head coach at Cincinnati.

Now that is the craziest dine and dash we've ever heard.