Whether you're taking on a mid-winter hike up a steep, powder-packed trail, or just going across a slushy parking lot to your seat in the Frozen Tundra, you want to make sure your dogs are kept warm, dry, and have enough traction to keep you from slipping and breaking your ass.

Vasque's Snow Junkie Boots ($130) cover you (and your feet) on all levels. Insulated with 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate™ Ultra, they'll keep your toes warm on the coldest days. A coated nylon diamond ripstop fabric upper makes sure whatever is hiding under that snow doesn't tear 'em, and an UltraDry waterproofing membrane keeps the wet stuff from soaking through.

Need to wear two pairs of socks on those extra cold days? The Snow Junkies have extra room in the toe box to keep you from feeling jammed in. (And the extra room provides warmth on days when you sport one pair of socks. How? We don't know, ask a scientist.) Winner of the 2012 Backpacker Editor's Choice Snow Award, they also have an attached D-Ring for gaiter compatibility, and work with your snowshoes for serious backcountry hiking.

We tried a pair, and they kick the powder off of anything else you can strap to your feet when you've got to get through white stuff 8-inches deep. And not only are they warm and dry after hours of taking on mall parking lots, Vasque stripped the weight way down, so they don't feel like you're dragging a pair of lead leg irons through the snow. Frosty would approve. If he had feet.