An Oregon couple caring for a 32-year-old horse decided the best possible send off was to shoot the ailing beast, gut it, then pose naked with the dead carcass and vital organs. After that they ate the poor thing. You should've seen what they did when PeePaw passed away!

After posting the photos online, the couple was met with "an avalanche of criticism that lead to a police investigation for animal cruelty." Thank God. We thought it was going to read "an avalanche of ideas of how to pose next." The couple's explanation for the photos was that they wanted to feel one with the horse and nature.  Shouldn't they have shot themselves then?

For those that really need to see the photos, HuffPo put together this interesting little photo gallery.

This strange tale has prompted us to change our mind about something; Before this story we thought we'd heard it all. We were so wrong. Posing naked inside a dead horse is the very end. Now we've really heard it all. That is not a challenge to top this story. Don't you dare shoot that llama!