New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is a big celebrity in Manhattan — apparently a big enough star that he doesn't use his real name when ordering a specialty drink at Starbucks.

reported on Thursday that the injured Yankees captain was spotted coming out of a Greenwich Village Starbucks holding a cup with the name 'Philip' written on it. Scandalous! And there were photos:

We get it: Jeter gave a fake name so as not to draw a crowd of Yankees' fans longing for his intangibles. Either that or Jeter has an estranged twin brother named Philip who loves him some latte. We're thinking Jeter was just keeping things quiet.

Despite injuries to practically all their star players not named Robinson Cano, the Yankees have managed to occupy first place in the American League East for most of the season. However, if the Bronx Bombers are to make an October run again, they'll need 'Philip' to put down the latte and grab a bat.