For the alley drunkard, knowing the difference between scotch and rye whisky sort of falls on deaf livers ears. However, on the barstools of civil society sits a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed boozehound who is not only thirsty for a good ol' whisky buzz, but also for the knowledge behind that brown medicine that has him swingin' at everything that moves by the time the bar closes.

Thanks to Philadelphia-based graphic designer Sean Seidell, a new infographic exists to assist street alcoholics in becoming more sophisticated and snobbish when it comes to discussing the differences between sipping on a $160,000 bottle of Dalmore 64 Trinitas or an $11 bottle of Evan Williams Bourbon 1783.

Just in case you've already had a few too many, allow us to break it down for you: in a nutshell, rye whisky can come from either the U.S. or Canada, while Scotch (made from a malt or grain or a blend) must be aged at least three years and tends to have more honey tones, rather than the spiciness found in a rye. For those who enjoy a sweeter variation, open a bottle of Irish whiskey or Canadian single malt.

Perhaps in your past whisky endeavors you have encountered the subtle flavoring of bacon fat and biscuits, like us?  There does not appear to be any reference to “breakfast blends” anywhere on this infographic. Maybe it is just understood that all whisky goes well with breakfast – why else would this guy have designed these graphics to look sunrises? The best part of waking up, is whisky in your cup? We're hammered.