Dolph Ziggler cannot catch a break. There's not a guy who has worked harder for the WWE over the past five years, and every time it seems he's about to turn the corner into super-stardom, there's a setback. This time, right after he finally wins a World Title, the setback seems to be a concussion suffered from a Jack Swagger kick to the head.

At first, it seemed like the concussion could be a work perpetuated by WWE. They posted news of the injury on their website right away, which is hard to gauge. As time has gone on, it has become quite apparent that this is no storyline.

Dolph Ziggler missed 'Raw' this week. His bodyguard, Big E Langston, did a strong job of filling in for the World Heavyweight Champion. Dolph has also been removed from the Extreme Rules PPV this weekend.

It's not just a concussion, as Dolph Ziggler is suffering from retrograde amnesia due to the trauma. The injury is so apparent that Ziggler's ex-girlfriend, comedienne Amy Schumer, hasn't been able to stop mentioning it. In interviews, and even during her own stand-up routines, she has mentioned that she's pulling for Dolph Ziggler.

The one good sign here is that Dolph hasn't been stripped of his World Heavyweight Championship. If WWE thought he wouldn't be able to work for an extended period of time, they would make Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio a title bout at Extreme Rules, but it's just to crown a number one contender.

I wouldn't be shocked to see WWE working amnesia into a storyline, but I'm glad to see they're not taking the concussion lightly -- yet.