While beer has been blamed, through the ages, for the bulging guts of the men that drink it, a new study suggests that there is no significant evidence to support this myth. That’s right, boys; researchers recently concluded that there is no conclusive evidence that suggests that drinking beer is the cause of the waistline expansion projects of men any more than drinking wine or eating large quantities of food.

Actually, the real, dastardly culprit of the fabled “beer belly” is excessive calories from any food source, says nutritionist Dr. Kathryn O’ Sullivan – claiming that beer has relatively fewer calories than most everyday foods including bananas, potato chips and cappuccino.

“Moderate beer consumption does not lead to weight gain or abdominal fatness and the perception that drinking beer results in a beer belly is not supported by the scientific evidence to date,” she said.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of evidence that proves consuming beer in large quantities will turn a man into a seething, fat bastage, says Dr. O’Sullivan – but no more than any other gluttonous behavior. However, the good news is; there are just as many health benefits to drinking a bottle of brew than, say, drinking a glass of wine.

“Beer drinking… has become regarded by many as a vice and not a component of a healthy balanced lifestyle. But this is contrary to the latest scientific evidence,” she said. “Enjoyed in moderation, beer, like wine, can provide many essential vitamins and minerals. Beer contains vitamins which can help you to maintain a well-balanced healthy diet, fiber to keep you regular, readily absorbed antioxidants and minerals such as silicon which may help to lower your risk of osteoporosis. Yet few people are aware of its health properties.”

There you have it fellas – drinking beer not only gets you buzzed but it also helps you poop - commonly referred to as the “beer squirts.” Incidentally, there is no scientific evidence available to show whether this phenomenon is produced from the beer, itself, or from the late night Taco Bell runs that typically follow.