You might want to consider eating more fresh foods, as a new study suggests that consuming canned cuisine could give you a giggly case of man boobs.

A new report published this week in the journal Reproductive Toxicology finds that the chemical BPA (bisphenol-A), typically found in canned food, has been proven to stimulate the growth of fun bags in both adolescent and grown men.

It’s true – researchers recently discovered that they were able to grow a mean set of jugs on rats by exposing them to relatively small doses of BPA. In fact, study author Laura Vandenberg, PhD at Tufts University says that mice that were subjected to this synthetic estrogen at a young age, ultimately went on to have enlarged mammary tissue well into their adult lives.

Researchers say that exposure to BPA is already believed to cause breast and prostate cancers, heart and kidney damage, behavioral issues, obesity, type-2 diabetes and now there is strong evidence to show that it is the culprit in gynecomastia – Tig-old-man-Bitties.

Men that want to keep their flat-chested A-cups from turning into double-D sensations should avoid drinking from plastic that has been heated up in the dishwasher or microwave, stop eating canned foods like ravioli and treat-meat, and most importantly, stop drinking breast milk, immediately – especially if momma likes Vienna sausages in the can.