An author from Emory University has published the results of a study he conducted on people faking orgasms. Hard to believe men fake the big 'O', but sometimes you've run out of things to do or say to get the job done. With the ready availability of free porn online (and the subsequent desensitization), one might assume a lot more men will be pretending to reach nirvana in the future. Regardless, dudes will never surpass women in mastering the art of faux-ecstasy.

Anyway, here's the abstract from the author:

“In this paper, we develop a signaling model of rational lovemaking. In the act of lovemaking, a man and a woman send each other possibly deceptive signals about their true state of ecstasy. For example, if one of the partners is not in ecstasy, then he or she may decide to fake it. The model predicts that:

  1. A higher cost of faking lowers the probability of faking
  2. Middle-aged and old men are more likely to fake than young men
  3. Young and old women are more likely to fake than middle-aged women
  4. Love, formally defined as a mixture of altruism and demand for togetherness, increases the likelihood of faking.

The predictions are tested with data from the 2000 Orgasm Survey. Besides supporting the model’s predictions, the data also reveal an interesting positive relationship between education and the tendency to fake in both men and women.”

Not sure what he means by "cost" in the first bullet, but we think he's referring to the risk one would have of getting caught faking? So, if you suck at it or are new to it, you're more hesitant?

If we're reading this correctly, you should go out and take down a middle-aged women that you hate. She's guaranteed to not fake it like Meg Ryan...