Since time began, the world has bared witness to some timeless love affairs -- Whitney and Bobby, Ashton and Demi, Oprah and fudge but none of these Hollywood couples have nothing on Columba Rosaly and Larry Bushnell of Charlotte, North Carolina. This senior citizen couple, who met at their mutual retirement home, wouldn’t let any adversities keep their love from blooming – and trust us, there were plenty.

What kind of adversities you ask? Well, there’s a 12 year age gap - he’s 86, she’s 97. Technically this makes her a “cougar" or as she would be known in the animal kingdom -- dead. The real and pressing issue between the two love birds is the fact they don’t speak the same native language.

While one could argue the language of love is universal, technology has played a considerable part in helping this couple communicate. Bushnell went after Rosaly in true schoolboy fashion, passing her notes with sentiments she later translated over the internet. In response to the notes in which he doted on her calling her 'beautiful', she swooned and it wasn’t long before things got hot and heavy they were stealing kisses on the cheek. At this point Rosaly sought out a language tutor to help her learn English (she was born and raised in Ecuador) to better communicate with her love of her geriatric life.

The two are planning to get hitched not long after Valentine’s Day, as the nuptials are scheduled for this coming Saturday. The ceremony is slated to last 15-minutes, as they don’t want guests nodding off like they do when watching a rerun of “Matlock.” Dancing will be optional, as many of the attendees have prosthetic hips. It will be followed by a lunch that will probably include a lot of soup and maybe some tapioca pudding for dessert.

Complaining about their kids that "don't give a crap about them" begins right after the ceremony.

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