An elderly man cleansed a guilty conscious that's been 60 years in the making when he walked into Sears store and left money to replace the cash that he stole sometime in the late 1940s.

According to the note the repentant former crook left on the customer service counter of downtown Seattle location of the chain store, he had snatched between $20 and $30 way back in the day, so he was leaving a hundred dollars "to cover that plus interest."

Store security did capture the man leaving the envelope, but Sears has said they won't release the footage. The money will by used to help a needy family over the holidays.

As heartwarming as this story is, we are a little cynical, so we calculated what the interest on $25 dollars (which is between $20 and $3o) would be over sixty years.  Assuming an annual rate of four percent (interest rates used to be way higher than they are now) he would actually owe about $263. It's coming out of his Social Security check.

[via MSNBC]