When it comes to pasta, we generally eat the dry, from-the-box variety. So, this extravagant gourmet dish from Bice restaurant in midtown Manhattan really looks like something we can sink our teeth into. Now if only we had $2,013 to afford it. Seriously, that's more than we have under our race car bed mattress.

The restaurant says the meal is so pricey because it's made from fresh ingredients, including "homemade tagliolini pasta, mixed wild mushrooms, two pounds of lobster and seasonal black truffles." Plus, it's served on a limited edition Versace plate with a gold leaf, which diners can take home. It will compliment their plastic Target dishes very nicely. The plate itself, by the way, retails for $350.

The meal also comes with fried calamari, veal, chocolate mousse and tip included. Diners should get a free car ride home for that price. The whole shebang is being served through Feb. 15th.

While the cost may make you nauseous, the creator of the dish, Chef Silverio Chavez, said the food definitely won't. "It's going to melt in your mouth, the lobster is fresh and tender and all of the flavors work so well together," he enthused. "My mouth is watering thinking about it."

Despite the meal's outlandish price tag, five people have reportedly ordered it to date. Who are these people? Because we'd sure like the opportunity to laugh at them.