There’s no shortage of sexy sideline reporters to watch on the tube these days. Today’s crush Erin Sharoni, co-host of Showtime's newest sports show 'Jim Rome on Showtime', is one of the hottest and most popular ladies currently working in sports broadcasting.

Sharoni went from Fila athletic gear model to sports broadcaster in the same year. She made her sports reporting debut in 2010 as the sideline reporter for St. John's Basketball. She is the co-host of the popular cable show ‘CNBC Sports Biz’ on NBC Sports.

The former model has a unique perspective when it comes to mainstream sports and the business of sports and broadcasting – she worked as a Wall Street investment banker before becoming a full-time TV personality. Sharoni has also worked as a personal trainer – which only makes sense because, yeah, she’s quite fit – and as a U.S. Junior Olympic certified swim coach.

The Queens native has been a sports fan all her life, but her interests don’t stop there. She studied studio art in college and played the clarinet at Louis Armstrong Middle School in New York.

Sharoni has definitely lived a varied and colorful life, but she says she’s happy working as a sports broadcaster.