What man in his right mind turns down the opportunity to organ wrestle with a beautiful girl? According to a recent survey, nearly 60% of men have made up excuses for not wanting to bone their old ladies - ranging from being too busy playing ‘Call of Duty’ to suffering from a gluttonous hangover after an exhibition bout with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Sure, we can sympathize with being too tired to properly lay the proverbial pipe, but the latest survey suggests that more than half of nearly 2,000 respondents said that sometimes they just aren’t in the mood to take the old one-eye weasel for a walk through the poontang prairie.

However, researchers found that nearly 10% of the respondents confessed to not even being able to get an erection anymore – leading study experts to believe that the excuses men give to get out of sex may simply be a way to hide erectile dysfunction.

Sadly, it appears as if some men would rather walk through life limp and sexless rather than talk to a doctor about treatment options – 21% say they are not comfortable with the idea of talking to a medical professional about the functionality of their wieners.

'Not only is there a wealth of effective treatments available, but erectile dysfunction can be symptomatic of a more serious undiagnosed underlying health problem, such as diabetes or heart disease, so it’s worth getting it checked out,” says Dr. Tom Brett.

You heard the doctor; if you are having trouble "rising to the occasion" so to speak, you need to quit making limp excuses and take the necessary measures to remedy the problem. We’re talking about your junk here, fellas; and you’re God-given right to start humping again like the champions we know you can be.